University Unions

University Unions is an organization within Student Life offering a variety of services, programs, spaces, and student involvement opportunities within three facilities: the Michigan League, Michigan Union, and Pierpont Commons. The Unions serve as places where students can meet friends, attend events, grab food, get computer time, study and more. The three campus union buildings comprise over 500,000 square feet — making University Unions one of the largest college union complexes in the world. The many resources available in each building ensure that students will adjust to their independence and thrive in the University setting.

Check Out the Unions!

Michigan Union
Located in the heart of Central Campus, the Michigan Union is the University of Michigan’s most recognizable landmark. The building has witnessed firsthand significant moments in history, including JFK’s announcement of the Peace Corps idea. Connecting the past with the present, the building continually serves as a hub for student activity. Come inside for food, events, study spaces, banking, conveniences, a bookstore, student organizations, ticket office, connecting with friends or a computer, or just to feel a part of history.

Michigan League
Also centrally located, the Michigan League provides the University community with elegant facilities and superb catering services for hosting successful meetings and special events. In addition, the 21-room Inn at the Michigan League offers convenient and comfortable overnight accommodations for visitors, and the Mendelssohn Theatre, with 640 seats, provides a unique entertainment experience. The League serves as a popular in-between stop offering a convenience store and information desk, a computer center, several eateries and various sitting areas, including a charming garden.

Pierpont Commons
This is the student union on North Campus. Day or night, students come to Pierpont Commons to escape the hustle and bustle of the residence halls and academic buildings or as a place to stop and relax between classes. Many student services are housed here, along with inviting lounges for relaxation and entertainment. Vendors include a bank, ATMs, bookstore, computer store and convenience store.

Dining options abound in this busy student hub. Choices include the popular Fireside Café, a coffee shop, a daily rotation of local restaurateurs, and several eateries that lend an international flavor to Pierpont Commons.

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