Research and Discovery

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With 19 schools and colleges and more than 200 centers and institutes, the University of Michigan is leading research in virtually every major area of science, engineering, medicine, social sciences, business, the arts and humanities, public policy and education.

U-M has conducted the largest volume of research of any public university in the United States for eight consecutive years, and in fiscal year 2018, research expenditures totaled $1.55 billion. That marks the ninth year in a row that U-M research expenditures have exceeded $1 billion.

But it’s not just excellence across a broad spectrum that sparks innovative research at the U-M. It’s the unique opportunity for collaboration across campus and beyond that has led to U-M’s exceptional record of achievement.

Working together across disciplines is a hallmark of U-M, as researchers across campus collaborate to advance knowledge, solve challenging problems, create new products and enhance quality of life.

Partnering with industry further fuels discovery and innovation. U-M actively engages in a broad range of research partnerships with businesses both large and small to spur progress on everything from driverless vehicle technology to pharmaceutical development.

And as part of the international research community, the University regularly draws on ideas from scholars across the globe. U-M researchers are working in countries on virtually every continent, gaining direct exposure to challenges and new perspectives. To expand opportunities, U-M also has forged partnerships with leading institutions worldwide, exposing faculty and students to fresh ideas, experiences and perspectives.

U-M’s research enterprise not only provides remarkably fertile ground for generating new ideas and insights—it also enhances both undergraduate and graduate education. In the classroom and through direct involvement in research, students develop a spirit of inquiry and creativity that prepares them to make a difference no matter what careers they choose to pursue.

Above photo: Levi Hutmacher/Michigan Engineering